What is Maternity Photography?

Maternity photography is a great way to capture the beauty of pregnancy. Pregnancy, although it may not feel like it at that time, does not last long. It is that time where you and your child can inextricably be the same. It is a great time to capture the wonders of life, and to show your child for years to come, a time they will not remember without your maternity photographs.

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But you will remember, and to capture those memories is something you will want to do. There are also a lot of things that can be costly when you are pregnant, but spending the extra money on professional maternity photography is something you may want to consider. These types of photo sessions are fun and can be done in a variety of creative ways. Here is some advice when considering if and when you should have professional maternity photos taken in Las Vegas.

When Should You Look Into Maternity Photography?

Many women take their photos in the third trimester. These give the photos the biggest belly to use. Although this may not sound tempting, you may be more limited in movement and your ability to choose location and shots at this stage. Some mothers consider the second trimester. At this point, there is some growth, but maybe not so much as to limit yourself. It is said that the ideal time is seven months. Consider which you think would be best for you. Speak to your favorite local Las Vegas maternity photographer, friends and family who may have taken these photos before.

Should you show off some skin?

There are many ways to take maternity photos. They can be conservative, where the mother is covered up and dressed with fancy clothes, and taken in a fun and different location. Those who are a little more risqué may take the bare maternity photos. These are fairly popular shots where the mother is partially undressed and barely covering to show off her tummy. Done well, these photos can capture something special. Make sure you choose a photographer who can specialize in this type of photography, as angles and lighting are highly important. You can also choose the middle, such as being dressed, but showing off your belly. Choose what is comfortable for you.

Should you take the photos alone?

Although this is a special time for a mother-to-be, it can be just as important to the whole family. Many maternity photos include the spouse or the baby’s siblings. This captures a time when you are inviting your new baby into the world, and bringing all family members into the shot can add an extra layer of interest to the pictures.

Where should you do the maternity photo shoot?

These types of photography shoots can be taken anywhere. You may want to have the photographer come to your home for a more intimate session. But you can also find locations that will be more fun. When choosing a location, you will want to avoid standing in front of a messy room of course, but you also might want to avoid an outdoor background that is too busy. You are the focus of the shot, not the background. It would be nice to pick somewhere tranquil and peaceful, such as your backyard or a park similar to Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas Nevada. Discuss with your photographer possible locations and make sure she is willing to travel there.

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In addition to the above tips, here are some poses you can try. Just discuss them with your photographer to make sure she can do these within the location and lighting availability.

Some poses you could try are:

  • Close up on your belly
  • Lay on your back on your couch to show off your tummy size
  • When including other children, either hold them or have them standing in front of your belly
  • Sit on a beach or in front of a tranquil background
  • Work the “S” curve – one hip out, one shoulder high, one shoulder low, hands relaxed
  • A profile shot
  • Any yoga poses, if you can still do them!

Maternity photography is a great way to cherish this special time in your life – Use it to capture some amazing photos!! Marie Grantham Photography is available anytime and will guide you every step of the way for your Las Vegas maternity photography photo session. Contact Marie at (702) 336-1609 to schedule your professional photo shoot.