As a mothers of crazy little toddlers get into photography because they just can’t snap enough photos of their littles. My little ones are boy named Jaxen and a little girl named Ashlynn. Babies & toddlers quickly became a true passion of mine in the photography field! I feel like you just can’t replace the genuine smiles and personalities of little ones! Babies & toddlers are all different. Yet many times I find them all to have one thing in common. Thats being absolutely adorable and so full of life and fun! I just can’t get enough of them! Their unique and fun way of looking at this great big world keeps us all young at heart! Looking at the world through the eyes of babies, toddlers, and kids only helps capture their best moments even better! When you follow them around and explore with them you’ll see the true beauty and awe in everything they see! Children are truly a gift and being a Las Vegas Child photographer has only further proved that to me!


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