Ideas & Tips for Timeless Senior Photos

Ideas and Tips for Timeless Senior Photos

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Las Vegas Senior Photographer Marie Grantham has not only excelled in Senior photos, she has mastered them! Over the years Marie has shot hundreds of soon to be high school graduates. Creating the most stunning images. Bringing joy, confidence, laughter and a lot of fun to so many Las Vegas seniors and their families. If you ask Marie Grantham Photography what is the key to the perfect senior photo shoot? She would definitely say, “It’s all in the fashion wardrobe, hair, and makeup!” Being able to pick out the perfect outfit for your senior photos is no easy task.

Marie says : There are so many things to think about… Incorporating personal style, along with possible sports and other interests. All the while still trying to keep up with the hottest trends in fashion, hair and makeup! Keep in mind the latest and most popular looks are not always the most photogenic looks. For example, the big baggy shirts are so “in” right now for tweens, teens and senior photos. However when my clients talk with me about wardrobe I always try to steer them away from those. I know they are adorable and I love them too but they tend to not photograph well. Most the time I will ask my senior clients to bring 3-5 outfits to their session. This way we have lots of choices to select from. This more often than not will also help the young teens feel more comfortable in their outfits. Which in turn boosts their confidence. After we make our final selections for the wardrobe well get dressed. Then finally check on the hair and makeup!

This is something that is so important and must not be forgotten about. Senior portraits are a big investment not only financially but also emotionally. Seniors are at the age that their peers and friends opinions mean the world to them. So we want to make sure they are looking their absolute best. Not only for this moment but for years to come. These photos will be shown to the next generations and the ones after that. So make sure to invest the time in neatly polished nailed, makeup, and that extra little curl in your hair can make a world of difference. There is no better way to do this than by hiring a professional makeup artist and/or professional hair stylist. Although Las Vegas has no shortage of amazing hair dresser and makeup artists. Not all are familiar with the proper makeup and hair styles that are best for senior photos. After years of working with makeup crews and hairstylists I have found the most amazing team. They are always in the know of the latest styles, trends, and whats hot and whats not! They are my go to girls and I wouldn’t do a Senior photo session without them!!

In closing, something I try to tell my teen clients. Don’t forget that the most beautiful part of being a senior is to remember all the memories. So many lessons learned and people who have loved and helped you along the way….starting the new chapter into the adult world can be scary but you can do anything you put your mind to! Congrats to all the graduating high school seniors!