Spring Mountain Ranch Photos

Spring Mountain Ranch Photos

My Top 5 Tips to Taking the Best Maternity Photos:

1. Try to choose a location that mommy to be feels very comfortable in. Maybe a favorite hiking or relaxing spot. My client for this shoot told me how much she loved this location. That they hike there all the time. So we thought what better to remember her hikes with her husband before baby than with some Spring Mountain Ranch photos! However, keep in mind that some Mommas prefer studio shots so an outdoor location may be out in that case.

2. Try to be as sensitive as possible. Most mommy’s (including me) perceive their bodies differently when they are pregnant than they used to. That can make them sometimes feel differently about exposing certain body parts that they used to have no problems with. Which means you need to take extra time to read their body language to make sure mommy is still comfortable at all times!

3. Making sure to highlight all different features. Not always should you focus on mommy shots. Sometimes getting some belly only shots at different angles can make some of the most beautiful and timeless maternity images that your client and her family will enjoy for so many years to come.

4. Timing is everything! Make sure to properly schedule your maternity photo shoots when her belly is big! Not too big like OMG I think I’m having this baby right now, but big enough to see her beautiful growing belly. This will ensure that mommy is also comfortable posing, sitting, walking, laying etc. Not to mention as time goes on there can be other issues that arise as well. Baby decides to make an early appearance, hormonal, skin issues, or all the “cute” maternity clothes just not fitting right anymore. So it’s always best to plan ahead when possible!

5. Most important is to make your client feels absolutely gorgeous! After all she is growing a new little life in there!! Try to connect with her and let her know how amazing she looks and how amazing the creation and love for your child can be. Maybe even show her a few shots so she knows what a hot mama she is! Once your clients meets her baby for the first time. She is soon to forget about anything that made her self-conscious and she’ll only be thinking of this sweet little baby in her arms. Motherhood truly is such an amazing and beautiful gift…

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