Sibling Photo Shoot

Sibling Photo Shoot

When Courtney asked me to do a just sibling photo shoot I was so excited! I love taking sibling images and seeing how they all interact and the different personalities!! I especially love these three because I have been good friends with their Mom and gotten to know these kids over the years! They truly are some of the sweetest best behaved kids and my kids just love them! I’m talking scream in excitement when they see them haha. Let me tell you a little about these kiddos!

Starting with Madison… Her and Christopher are twins! (So cool I absolutely love love twins!!) She is an amazing student getting straight A’s at school! She also loves the Violin and music. She plays 1st chair for her school and is just amazing at it! She adores animals including their little dog Lola and my giant puppies Diesel and Dozer when she comes over hehe. Madison is the most beautiful girl inside and out I can’t wait to see whats to come from her as the years go on!!

Christopher is another sweetheart and probably one of the sweetest boys you’ll ever meet. Probably my son Jaxen’s idol lol. He’s def a rambunctious boy and all boy for sure! He loves the outdoors including hiking, swimming, and maybe camping (when Mom lets us take him sometime lol) You know boys and their cars, NASCAR is one of this boy’s Favs!

Finally Katelyn… I am always so impressed with her maturity what a great student she is in school. She loves to write and reading in one of her favorite pastimes as well. Katelyn loves children so much always babysitting our kiddos so we can have a night out haha! She loves them so much she is planning a career that definitely involves children. She also loves animals and dogs especially! She is one of the most amazing young girls I have met in a long time, beautiful, sweet and a good head on her shoulders! This one is definitely going places!

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