Are You Ready For Maternity Photography?

Taking maternity photos can be a lot of fun. It is a time in your life that you want to document as joyful and special. There is so much to be inspired by through the beauty of a pregnant mother. First, choosing the right maternity photographer is important. You want to find someone who has experience and a good reputation in the community. Your Las Vegas maternity photographer should provide you with a sense of empathy and sensitivity. This photographer will listen to what you want out of your shoot, and provide you with everything you need to make your shoot run smoothly.

Looking for a maternity photographer in Las Vegas?

Once you have the right photographer, there are some things you may want to consider when getting ready for your shoot. Provided here is some advice to get the maternity portraits you have always wanted.

When to take maternity photos

Timing is always the first thing pregnant women think about when they want to take maternity photos. You obviously want to show off your pregnant belly, but you do not want to be uncomfortable either. The first trimester is definitely not ideal. At this stage, you have only just found out you are pregnant, and a photo shoot would not show very much. This is only a good idea if you plan on tracking the progress throughout your pregnancy, meaning you complete a shoot during each trimester to show the growth. This is a fun way to take maternity photos, but is not practical and can get expensive.

The second trimester is a good option. You may have a round belly to show off in stunning pictures. This is also a great time because generally women feel more comfortable taking photos and are able to take more interesting photos. If you try too far into your pregnancy, you may not be able to move around as well, limiting the types of photos you can take.

The third trimester works for those who feel comfortable. Again, you do not want to push it too late. Generally, it is accepted that the thirty-second weeks to thirty-sixth weeks are the best time to take these photos. It is hard to predict beforehand how you will feel, so as soon as you feel your belly will get some great photos and you are feeling well, book the appointment.

pregnancy pictures

Choosing the right images

There are so many great options when deciding what style of maternity photos you want to take – from fun and funky, to sweet and sexy, to bringing in the whole family. First, deciding what you will do with the photos can help fuel the style you will choose. Albums, framed photos, announcement cards are all options for what to do with the photos after they are taken. Keep that in mind when choosing a style of photo.

The perfect locations for maternity photography

You can also shoot in your own home to make it comfortable and real. Taking pictures at your favorite outdoor location, like a park or the beach, can bring in your personality. Studio shots are also an option for a classic look.

Fun and quirky photos are always enjoyed for years to come. For example, taking photos with other children or with baby shoes can come out adorable. Maternity photos with dad are always treasured and can lead to some interesting photographs.

There are the bedroom photos which are also popular, the pictures come out stunning and you will be happy you did! You can choose to be fully dressed, but show off just the skin of your belly, which is also very popular. Bathing suits, lingerie or sheer fabrics can show off the beauty of pregnancy. But it is up to you to do whatever you are comfortable doing.

Discuss all the ideas you have with your photographer and view their previous maternity shots for more ideas. Make it your own and do what represents you. This is a special time in your life that should be documented. Contact Marie Grantham Photography at (702) 336-1609 for your next maternity photo shoot in Las Vegas Nevada.