Professional Baby Photos

Professional Baby Photos

The first few shots of your precious little baby are photographs you will never forget. There is no better to way remember these than investing in professional baby photos. Newborns are only this tiny for such a short time. You will see that in just a couple weeks they change so much! Even in my own children I noticed… When my baby girl was born everyone said she looked just like me… Just a few short months later… Oh wait she is the mirror image of her Dad Lol.

For this reason finding the perfect newborn photographer for you, your family, and your newborn photos is so important. It not only must be someone who you feel comfortable with. Also someone who is well trained to capture newborn photography. Safety is of most importance in my Las Vegas newborn portrait studio. I have been trained for proper safety, posing and editing under several world know newborn photographers. This is something that can really set you apart from the rest. Especially these days when everyone you know has a DSLR camera. I see this so often many pick up a camera and try to pose a newborn without truly knowing the proper way to handle a newborn baby for portraits. So I can not stress enough about researching and doing your homework when you are looking for a newborn or baby photographer.

The precious little guy below Oliver Winston Jones was born on August 22, 2015 at 10:22 a.m. weighing in at 7 pounds and 3 ounces. He measured 19.5 inches long! The Jones Family is so excited to welcome their little boy into the family! Big sister has been so much help loves to hold him and help change diapers!! Congrats to you all on a perfect little man!

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