Local Photographers | Marie Grantham Photography

Local Photographers | Marie Grantham Photography

Many local photographers and out of state photographers love to come out this hidden location to shoot. In fact people come from all over the world to take photographs and film movies at this awesome location. Hidden just outside of the Las Vegas desert is this mazing collection of old cars, rustic, buildings, cactus fields, and any other awful southwestern type thing you can think of! It truly is such a unique place and it’s ever changing! The property owner loves to collect antiques and has been doing so for over 40 years! Here and there he will acquire more old buses, cars, or just cool photography props for his perfect little ghost town. All though this is technically a ghost town you will see so many families getting their holiday or seasonal portraits done. Then you walk a few feet and run into a full on model photo shoot and walk a few more steps and they are filming the new hit movie. If you have not been out there, it is an amazing spot to go check out and explore around you never know what you’ll find!

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