Las Vegas Pin Up Photographer

Las Vegas Pin up Photographer

As a Las Vegas Pin Up photographer this was my second time shooting Lisa. Every time she always manages to surprise me! There aren’t very many people and much less models that you can put a 90 Lbs pitbull just inches from their face! Plus, not to mention have their photos come out with them looking completely relaxed and just gorgeous! Coaxed with a piece of cheese I told Lisa just tell Diesel “Not yet…Easy…Easy”. After a few just barely missed shots and several slobbery licks to the face, we got it! Right after I snapped it, As a Las Vegas Pin up photographer I knew it was! When I showed it to Lisa she was in love! With huge smiles on our faces we both said that’s it, that’s that money shot!
Thanks again Lisa Luxe for a super fun day! For being able to handle‚Ćanything that comes your way! You are for sure one of my favorite models to photograph! The images don’t lie you are a true professional, talented and driven! I can’t wait to see what else you can surprise me with next time!