Las Vegas Family Portrait Photographers Guide to Authentic Photos

I’m one of the top Las Vegas Family Portrait Photographers. I have been thinking about giving you some advice on how to come up with great images. Here’s a couple basic tips on how to accomplish that. Everyone prefers original and authentic family photos. You also want your photos to be genuine and real. When you are thinking what type of photo you want, it should come from your heart. It is not about copying another photo you have seen, but doing what is genuine to your own personality.

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Many families these days are looking for an authentic look to show in their photo album. You want to capture what you are shooting in a different and unique way. You want everyone else to see something the way you see it. So how can you create authentic photographs of your own?

Las Vegas Family Portrait Photographers Guide To Authentic Photos

Genuine moments, not altering the scene, and taking things as they come are a great way to achieve an authentic photo. Staging can create stock photos, which are not being used as much anymore. Documenting something real and in the moment creates imagery that brings the viewer into that specific moment with the subjects of the photo, or to the place of the local Las Vegas photographer. You want your viewer to feel like they were part of that moment, that maybe they perhaps could have taken that photo, to have witnessed this unique moment in time.

Capturing Unique Moments for Authentic Photos

Authentic photos are not posed, they are candid. Make sure to look around, take in your environment. With a photographer’s eye, you can see the beauty in small moments, and try to capture them as they occur. This does not necessarily need to be spontaneous but sometimes you can capture rare moments. Even a pre-planned event can create some great authentic images. The purpose is to let the event happen, and then use the camera as a way of capturing and preserving the event. So even though it is planned, the believability can still be there. These events are not posed, and certain movements can create great authentic shots. Allow your subjects to go about their business as usual, and capture those moments.

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In creating authentic images, try looking for naturally lit environments. Filters can be used later, but the better the lighting, the better the image will be. Pick a location that allows for movement. This way it will give you more options and perspectives for your photos, and your subjects can be themselves. The point is to take good quality photos, yet have them look like anyone could have taken them. This adds to the authenticity. A real person could have taken this real photo, but in fact, the photo was taken with specific concepts in mind.

Tell a Story through Your Authentic Photographs

Authentic images tell a unique story. They are not stiff and boring. Your viewer should feel like they can relate to the image in your photo. You must place yourself in your audience’s world. What would they see? How would they relate? Can they picture themselves there? When photos are posed, even if technically correct, they lack the connection between subject and audience. When someone looks at your photo, and you want it to be authentic, then you do not want them to think that it was staged. You want them to just “feel the moment”. That is why allowing the images to occur on their own is the best way to get an authentic photo image.

Authentic Family Photos Create Emotion

A photo should be about emotion. You want to convey the feeling of your subject to anyone who views the image. You want to be original. Tell the truth. Tell about what you see and feel through the image. If you put yourself into it, then the image will be that much more credible. Your life experiences can come through into your photos. We are all different and unique; you will bring something new to your photographs if you focus on this aspect.

Be in touch with yourself and how you see the world. This will translate into images that will show the world what you see. Authentic photos are more in demand these days than old, posed stock photos. People want to portray emotion and life, which is why authentic images are more important now.

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Authentic photographs are self-confidence in picture form. They accept the fact that they are unique and do not have to follow the crowd in what is “cool”. To truly be authentic, you must be yourself, and tell your story. I’m a local Las Vegas Family Portrait Photographer, contact me anytime to schedule your next family photo session at (702) 336-1609.