Family Photography in the Studio

Although it seems to be trendy to take your own outdoor family portraits, there are many advantages to taking family photographs in the studio. Never underestimate the power of being able to control your environment. Capturing the moments of your family together is an important pastime, and you want it to go smoothly. Speaking with a family photography professional is always the best first step in determining the right setting for you and your loved ones. Marie Grantham Photography in Las Vegas can help steer you in the right path.

Las Vegas Family Photography in the Studio

Here are some advantages of indoor portraits that may have you thinking that an indoor photo shoot is also a great option.

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• Controlling the environment

When you schedule a photo session with a professional photographer, it is very likely that they are busy and you’ll need to make an appointment, or if you’re lucky, you might be able to get in on the same day. If you want outdoor shots, the main thing you cannot control is the weather. If it is rainy or too cold, or even when it is windy outside, this can sometimes ruin a shoot, and there is nothing you can do about it. You may have to end up rescheduling. It is already difficult to get your family dressed as you want and all ready to go at the same time, you may want to try to avoid getting everyone together and dressed up twice!

• Better control of lighting

Yes, you can schedule your family photo shoot for the time of day that will give the softest light when outside, but as mentioned above, weather is unpredictable. Cloud cover can be a problem, so can harsh afternoon sun. There are times of day that can cast harder shadows, giving your family the impression of having dark eyes.

However when indoors, our photography studio has an array of lighting equipment that can be used to set the right tone of lighting, along with the avoidance of unwanted shadows and darkness under the eyes. When the backdrop is lit well, it can make your family stand out perfectly. It also does not matter what the time of day or season, as the perfect lighting is always available.

• Obtaining a timeless and classic look

Photographs shot indoors can be slightly more formal, and give a look that is timeless. A classic look of your family can be cherished for generations, and will never become outdated. Although outdoor shoots may be trendy now, they may not be perfect during some times of the year. Indoor shoots are time tested, and will always be classy.

Thinking of getting your family in the studio for the best portraits?

• Ease of location

You may have grandeur thoughts of a beautiful outdoor shoot, but as we all know, getting the entire family ready for an outing can be difficult. It is much easier to bring the family to a studio than have them trek to an outdoor location. This is especially true if you have small children, handicapped individuals or elderly grandparents as part of the shoot. Not to mention the higher likelihood of available bathrooms, and other conveniences.

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• Various backgrounds

When choosing an outdoor backdrop, you may think you have found the most beautiful location, until you are there for the shoot. You do not take into consideration the lighting, and other aspects when choosing the location. A professional photographer will be able to discuss with you prior to your shoot, the type and color of background that will work for you. Everything can be taken into consideration. Your family’s skin tone, the color of the room where the picture will hang, the outfits your family plans on wearing. All of that can be discussed and the perfect backdrop for an in-studio shoot can be chosen beforehand.

• Fewer distractions

When trying to pull the whole family together for a photo, it can be difficult. So having less distractions available will make the shoot run smoother. When outdoors, children may be distracted by things going on around them. Short attention spans and photo shoots do not really work well together. This is why indoor shoots can be more beneficial. There are fewer distractions around. A local Las Vegas studio family photography session has a sense of formality to it that will help bring out the best family portraits.

These are a few things to consider when choosing a photography location for some great family photos. Call Marie Grantham Photography at (702) 336-1609.