Las Vegas Family Photographers

Las Vegas Family Photographers

Children grow up so fast. It’s really no wonder you see parents all day long pulling out their cameras and snapping quick snapshots of their kids! If those parents are anything like me they are wanting to capture every moment of their kiddos growing up! The sad reality is that looking back at most of our family portraits I noticed I am not in most of them. This is something I hear all too much! Mommies always want to capture every moment but so often they forget to include themselves. When you look back year later you truly begin to wonder how could this happen? If you think about it, you are one of the most important people in your child’s life! You should not be void in most of their pictures! Thats is one major reason this year I am making it a point to do my own family portraits more than just once a year!

Capturing their growth is of course another great reason that most Las Vegas Family Photographers will tell you is so important to do at least every year! With my client in the images below we had been talking about scheduling her portraits for a few years now it can go by so quick! However, you know how it is life gets in the way… work, school, kids sports and competitions, etc etc. Its so hard sometimes to set aside the time to schedule your family portraits. I try to remind everyone don’t forget as kids grow up, they find their own lives. Often move away or head off to college and the days when you are all together as one family disappear. So take advantage of the time you are together by taking family portraits. At least let it be a sweet little reminder took look back on years later of what life together was together. We all know that if there is one rule to life is that everything changes. So we have to make sure to freeze those memories because before long that chapter of your lives will be over and a new one will be beginning.

Lastly I think Family portraits are a wonderful opportunity to share memories of the past with future grandchildren! I can’t tell you how many times my son Jaxen which is almost 5 has asked to see pictures of his Dad when he was little. No matter how many times grandma shows him the pictures still is mind blowing to him that his Daddy was actually a baby a long long time ago haha! So don’t let life pass and have to look back saying I wish I would’ve. Make those memories, get a large canvas made of your favorite portrait, make a beautiful custom photo album to pass down to your kids. They will thank you later!!

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