Las Vegas Boudoir Maternity Photos

Las Vegas Boudoir Maternity Photos

I am so happy with these Las Vegas Boudoir Maternity photos. They truly captured this moment perfectly! My hope with these maternity boudoir photos is that people will see the true beauty in pregnancy. So many times and so often I hear woman that do not feel beautiful during pregnancy. I know I felt this way myself! I feel like a lot of this comes from the huge transformation a woman body goes through during pregnancy. However we are entering into new times, when pregnant woman do not want to hide their baby bellies. Like in my mom’s era when you had to wear loose clothing to hide your pregnant belly. Woman should be excited and proud if their belly bump. So here you have a woman who is proud of her pregnant body. She told me she always wanted remember her body during this special time in her life. I think we did it! This is gorgeous… she is creating the miracle of a new life! I think years to come she’ll be looking back on these smiling knowing her precious little one changed not only her body but her heart forever.

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