Lake Mead Maternity Photos

Lake Mead Maternity Photos

These Lake Mead Maternity photos turned out absolutely amazing! I am just obsessed with them!! Of course helps to have such a beautiful mama to photograph. So I was thinking it’s so crazy I am photographing Ali’s maternity portraits with her second little one! I still remember being pregnant together with our firsts! Does not even seem like that was so long ago but they are both four years old now!

Let me tell you Ali what I have learned now…Life gets a little crazier with the second, you won’t get nearly as much accomplished as before. The house may be a little messy at times, but when that little baby coos at you for the first time or smiles or starts to laugh when big sister comes around it will just melt your heart. I always thought my heart was so full with my son Jaxen until I had my little girl..Now I know my family is complete! I know you’ll feel this way too the minute you meet your little one! I am so excited for you guys and your growing family! I can not wait to meet this little peanut!

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