Lake Mead Maternity Photographer

Lake Mead Maternity Photographer

Being a Lake Mead Maternity Photographer is so exciting, captivating and absolutely beautiful. Many people say they don’t find beauty in the Las Vegas desert…I say I think you’re just not looking. Lake Mead National Park is a perfect example of this. I have been coming to Lake Mead since before I even lived in Las Vegas. Living in Southern California I remember taking trips up with friends to Las Vegas to come out to the Lake and camp out. For years Lake Mead has shown me it’s beauty not only for photographers but for recreational purposes too! Thinking back to the days or going out on the boats and driving through the narrows, floating around the coves, sandy beach, and lets not forget floating out so close to hoover dam! It really is a sight to see. Yes you can see it while driving but it’s just not the same as how you see it from the water! Anyhow, for all of you out there that don’t go out to the Lake or haven’t given it a try. I say try it out I think you’ll be surprised how beautiful Las Vegas can be if you give it a chance!

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