Henderson Growing Baby Portraits

Henderson Growing Baby Portraits

Some of my favorite sessions are Henderson Growing Baby Portraits! Getting to know April and Chad has been such a joy. We started out with their Maternity portraits. Which we took at a beautiful location near Red Rock. Then a few months later took their little ones Newborn Portraits at my newborn photography studio in Henderson. She was so tiny I can’t believe how much she has grown in just a few short months! Crazy how much these little ones change!

Talking more with April and Chad about how they are adjusting to having their little one. It is so neat to see they really have got it all down! The baby schedules, getting out the door madness, and time for the both of them! They are Pros! I am so proud of the awesome parents they are. It’s so fun watching all my clients families evolve and become these truly loving and strong parents! Best part of my job!

Henderson Growing Baby Portraits Studio:

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