Henderson Family Photography

Henderson Family Photography

I feel like I am so blessed in finding my true passion, Henderson family photography. It is so surreal to go to into work and yet it does not feel like work at all! Most of the time I feel like I am just hanging out with friends, just snapping pictures of them. Well in this case that was true haha. The Yurovchak Family happens to be one of our family friends so it was fun getting out to spend the evening with them! These two kiddos are seriously the cutest. It was especially fun for me to photograph little Sophie again. Mainly because it’s been since her newborn portraits! Can’t believe how much she has grown! Looking through all the shots there are so many I loved..hard to pick a favorite! You all will have to let me know what you think! Thanks Megan and Dave for having me capture these images of you and your beautiful family! Love you guys!

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