Fine Art Maternity Portraits

Fine Art Maternity Portraits

As a mother of two myself I remember when the choice to get maternity portraits came up. I thought no way anyone is getting near me with a camera! Stacking on the weight I just didn’t feel like myself and the thought of doing an entire session of mostly portraits of me and a few with my husband seemed so overwhelming! Being so self conscious about the weight gain, sadly I choose not to get the maternity portraits done. Now looking back 5 years later and 2 kids later, I truly wish I would have gotten some fine art maternity portraits. I so very much regret that I hardly have any images of my first pregnancy with my beautiful baby boy! As I have grown older and had another baby girl I do wish i would’ve had the confidence to have left more photographic memories for my kids. I certainly don’t remember what my belly looked like and would be nice to have the images and compare it to my second pregnancy with my daughter. Also to pass down to my kiddos and look back. I know Jaxen my son asked sometimes when I was pregnant with Ashlynn if he was in my belly when he was a baby. If only I had some amazing portraits to show him!

Pregnancy is a thing of beauty, a miracle and amazement. So we all need to stop thinking about how our clothes aren’t fitting just right anymore. Maybe instead try to think about what a blessing a new life is. Too often we forget there are so many woman what are wishing to be in your shoes! Most people will only be pregnant a few times in their lives something not even more than once. Even if you don’t feel yourself and feel like you are looking far from glamorous, trust me a skilled photographer can easily find the beauty, love and femininity in every pregnant woman. You never know you may just surprise yourself!

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