Family Photography Las Vegas

Family Photography Las Vegas

Family photography Las Vegas can be tough sometimes when you’re searching for water photography locations. So when we went to Oklahoma I was in love with all the water and greenery. After having this shoot in my mind for a long time but not having the “right” location to shoot it..I was super excited when I saw this spot!

We came out to Oklahoma for my husband’s good friend’s wedding! Let me tell you… If only I had pictures of it because it was just so beautiful! I for sure had one of those… Dang it! I should’ve brought my camera moments while I was sitting there watching them walk down the aisle lol. Anyhow, These images where mostly all taken in the same location as the wedding. Which was so very sweet of them to let us do this at such a chaotic time! These where taken at Kendal’s life long friend’s father’s home. One of the things that I find so special about these images is that Kendal used to play in this same river and fields with all his friends as a child. Growing up in the open country must have been a pretty neat childhood (Coming from a city girl LOL).

Every time we go back to Oklahoma I really fall in love with all the beauty there is there… Not only in the landscape but the people as well. Everyone is so warm and welcoming. They are definitely the give you the shirt off their back type people. I have truly enjoyed every minute meeting all of Kendal’s long time childhood friends! It is also such a treat to see that when they are together it’s like nothing has changed. They are all still the best of friends and will always be! Thank you all for a wonderful time and having us there to share your special day with you! Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Wells!

(Thank you so so much to the Wells Family for allowing me to capture these images of my littles it really means the world to me!!)

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