How to Choose a Newborn Photographer

Getting pictures taken of your newborn is a special time in new parents’ lives. Capturing the innocence of this time requires an expert professional Newborn photographer. The photographer’s experience and reputation are two important factors to consider. You also want to find someone who will fit your personal style and can convey who you and your child are. These are memories you will want to treasure for a lifetime, so making the right choice of the baby photographer is important. Hiring a professional may not be inexpensive, but the right photographer will be worth the expense when you receive your precious newborn photos.

Considering Las Vegas newborn photography?

Once you decide you are willing to spend the money and time on getting the right newborn pictures, you want to find the right photographer. First, you will want to decide a few months prior to the baby being born who you want to go with. Planning is important, and there is little time to get newborn pictures. So what do you need to look for or ask of a photographer to find out if they are right for you?

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Here are a few things you need to consider for the best newborn photographer:

  • Talk to others: Most of the times, the best photographers are found through recommendations. Speak to other parents that have had newborn shoots done. Look at their photos and decide if it is the type of look you want to go for. Then you may want to visit that photographer’s website, or contact them to find out more information.
  • Fits your style: The most important thing is to find a photographer who fits your style. If you have in mind the feel you want the photos to have, do some shopping around to find a photographer who embodies that image. You may want to look beyond your town, and be willing to travel to find the perfect photographer. View the photographer’s galleries on their website or catalog to find the look you want.
  • Packages offered: When choosing a photographer, you also want to consider the types of packages they offer. If you are interested in giant canvas wall art pieces, you want to make sure the photographer you choose can do this for you. If you want prints, an album, or an image box, do your research on what the photographers offer. Decide beforehand how you want the photos delivered to you so that you are not surprised to find out they do not offer what you are looking for!


Types of Newborn Photographers:

There are two types of newborn photography – lifestyle and posed. There are so many options to choose from within these two categories, and you will want to decide ahead of time the format you are interested in.

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Lifestyle photographs

Lifestyle photographs are typically candid shots. They involve the newborn within their normal space, doing normal baby things. These also involve the parents, siblings, or other friends and family members interacting with the baby. In the natural movements of life, emotional connections can be captured. If you only want this style, you would need to find a photographer who will come to your home or other location in order to take these precious pictures. If you would like a combination of lifestyle and posed, these can be taken in between posed shots in the studio setup.

Posed portraits

Posed portraits are the most popular of newborn images. When newborns are so young, it is easy to “mold” them into positions to take classic, sweet photos. Many choose this option. If you do, you want to make sure you choose a photographer who is experienced and skilled in working with newborns. These are photos of babies wrapped or posed on various backgrounds with a variety of accessories.

For these shots, find out how your photographer works. Do they use a variety of colors, or stick with neutrals? Do they incorporate textures to give the photos depth? Find out the appropriate lighting effects that the photographer will use for best results – Natural light or studio light. Discuss all possible options with a photographer, and ask for examples.

Once you know what you want, you can be armed with the questions to ask a photographer and find the perfect one to take lasting images of your newborn. Marie Grantham is a local Las Vegas baby photographer, call 702-336-1609 to schedule your portrait session today!