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Street photography captures life in a single moment. It can be merely a moment of time passing; someone walking the other way and anything that catches your eye. To have a keen eye for these photography moments gives us the world at large in a small blink of the eye. It brings many emotions, and can pull in your audience to stare in awe at what is going on in the photo. That is the goal of photography in Las Vegas – creating an image that not only tells one story, but tells many. It is that one photo which can cause a debate about a location, a look, a person, a feeling. Powerful images reign supreme in photography. It is not easy to do, but with a few tips, you should be able to capture the moment.

Tips From A Las Vegas Photographer

Understanding your camera is of vital importance if you want to accomplish captivating street photography. Light, composition and proper focus are the basics that every Las Vegas photographer, amateur or professional, should know. Study and read up on these elements, and then you can move on to creating powerful portraits that tell a story.

Street Photography and Motion

What makes Las Vegas street photography stand out from other categories is motion. With motion, you can bring your image to life. Bring the viewer into the world of your photograph by having focal points in the foreground or background in motion. Perhaps everything is still, except for your main focal point. Be creative with your motion. Maybe the image is at a stand-still and you as the photographer are in motion. Blur does not make a bad photo if used correctly and in an interesting way. Bring the viewer into the moment, feeling the cars whizzing by, or swing along with children playing in the park. You can take everyday moments in life that are normal and boring alike, but once captured in a photo, become the essence of what we call daily life.

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It is suggested to choose a spot, and remain there for a while, and get a sense of the area you are watching. As people and objects move past you, keep an eye out for that perfect moment of movement that will capture what you feel as you are watching, so that others can enjoy it and you can keep it forever. Street photography can be done candidly without your subjects even knowing they are a part of the photo. Think of the famous post WWII photos of the couple kissing in Time Square as the busy world celebrates around them. One moment in time, immortalized.

Timing is Important for the Best Street Photography

When waiting for your image to appear in front of you, consider “the decisive moment” as determined by Henri Cartier-Bresson, an early street photographer. This is where everything comes together in the perfect moment as you take your shot. It is all about timing. The right moment can be found in the position of people, facial expressions, gestures, or, like said above, movement. But do not wait for just one perfect moment, there tends to be many. Take many shots, because you never know what you will be able to capture. This is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Also consider using graphic or visual elements to create emotion. Use light and shadow, create interesting lines and shadows. It does not necessarily have to be all about a person. Use the world around you. For example, urban landscapes can have a personality all of their own, and do not require a person to get an emotion across. These types of images can capture nostalgia or societal commentary.

Discover Photography in Las Vegas

Street photography can sometimes be an uncomfortable thing. Do not be afraid to interact with people who will be, or already are, the subject of your photos. If you are in a public place, then you can take your photos. You can start in a crowd, or like already mentioned, find a spot to sit and watch the passersby. You are allowed to take the pictures, but if someone asks you not to, be respectful of their wishes. It is also helpful to bring a friend along, and pretend to take pictures of them if you are nervous. Keep your eye to the viewfinder, and turn off the LCD.
In the end, it is your photo, your image. There are no specific standards for street photography in Las Vegas NV. It is about going out and shooting what you see, and bringing it to the world at large. The most important part is to have fun!

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