Taking maternity photos can be a lot of fun. It is a time in your life that you want to document as joyful and special. There is so much to be inspired by through the beauty of a pregnant mother. First, choosing the right maternity photographer is important. You want to find someone who has experience and a good reputation in the community. Your Las Vegas maternity photographer should provide you with a sense of empathy and sensitivity. This photographer will listen to what you want out of your shoot, and provide you with everything you need to make your shoot run smoothly.

Looking for a maternity photographer in Las Vegas?

Once you have the right photographer, there are some things you may want to consider when getting ready for your shoot. Provided here is some advice to get the maternity portraits you have always wanted.

When to take maternity photos

Timing is always the first thing pregnant women think about when they want to take maternity photos. You obviously want to show off your pregnant belly, but you do not want to be uncomfortable either. The first trimester is definitely not ideal. At this stage, you have only just found out you are pregnant, and a photo shoot would not show very much. This is only a good idea if you plan on tracking the progress throughout your pregnancy, meaning you complete a shoot during each trimester to show the growth. This is a fun way to take maternity photos, but is not practical and can get expensive.

The second trimester is a good option. You may have a round belly to show off in stunning pictures. This is also a great time because generally women feel more comfortable taking photos and are able to take more interesting photos. If you try too far into your pregnancy, you may not be able to move around as well, limiting the types of photos you can take.

The third trimester works for those who feel comfortable. Again, you do not want to push it too late. Generally, it is accepted that the thirty-second weeks to thirty-sixth weeks are the best time to take these photos. It is hard to predict beforehand how you will feel, so as soon as you feel your belly will get some great photos and you are feeling well, book the appointment.

pregnancy pictures

Choosing the right images

There are so many great options when deciding what style of maternity photos you want to take – from fun and funky, to sweet and sexy, to bringing in the whole family. First, deciding what you will do with the photos can help fuel the style you will choose. Albums, framed photos, announcement cards are all options for what to do with the photos after they are taken. Keep that in mind when choosing a style of photo.

The perfect locations for maternity photography

You can also shoot in your own home to make it comfortable and real. Taking pictures at your favorite outdoor location, like a park or the beach, can bring in your personality. Studio shots are also an option for a classic look.

Fun and quirky photos are always enjoyed for years to come. For example, taking photos with other children or with baby shoes can come out adorable. Maternity photos with dad are always treasured and can lead to some interesting photographs.

There are the bedroom photos which are also popular, the pictures come out stunning and you will be happy you did! You can choose to be fully dressed, but show off just the skin of your belly, which is also very popular. Bathing suits, lingerie or sheer fabrics can show off the beauty of pregnancy. But it is up to you to do whatever you are comfortable doing.

Discuss all the ideas you have with your photographer and view their previous maternity shots for more ideas. Make it your own and do what represents you. This is a special time in your life that should be documented. Contact Marie Grantham Photography at (702) 336-1609 for your next maternity photo shoot in Las Vegas Nevada.


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Although it seems to be trendy to take your own outdoor family portraits, there are many advantages to taking family photographs in the studio. Never underestimate the power of being able to control your environment. Capturing the moments of your family together is an important pastime, and you want it to go smoothly. Speaking with a family photography professional is always the best first step in determining the right setting for you and your loved ones. Marie Grantham Photography in Las Vegas can help steer you in the right path.

Las Vegas Family Photography in the Studio

Here are some advantages of indoor portraits that may have you thinking that an indoor photo shoot is also a great option.

sibling photos las vegas

• Controlling the environment

When you schedule a photo session with a professional photographer, it is very likely that they are busy and you’ll need to make an appointment, or if you’re lucky, you might be able to get in on the same day. If you want outdoor shots, the main thing you cannot control is the weather. If it is rainy or too cold, or even when it is windy outside, this can sometimes ruin a shoot, and there is nothing you can do about it. You may have to end up rescheduling. It is already difficult to get your family dressed as you want and all ready to go at the same time, you may want to try to avoid getting everyone together and dressed up twice!

• Better control of lighting

Yes, you can schedule your family photo shoot for the time of day that will give the softest light when outside, but as mentioned above, weather is unpredictable. Cloud cover can be a problem, so can harsh afternoon sun. There are times of day that can cast harder shadows, giving your family the impression of having dark eyes.

However when indoors, our photography studio has an array of lighting equipment that can be used to set the right tone of lighting, along with the avoidance of unwanted shadows and darkness under the eyes. When the backdrop is lit well, it can make your family stand out perfectly. It also does not matter what the time of day or season, as the perfect lighting is always available.

• Obtaining a timeless and classic look

Photographs shot indoors can be slightly more formal, and give a look that is timeless. A classic look of your family can be cherished for generations, and will never become outdated. Although outdoor shoots may be trendy now, they may not be perfect during some times of the year. Indoor shoots are time tested, and will always be classy.

Thinking of getting your family in the studio for the best portraits?

• Ease of location

You may have grandeur thoughts of a beautiful outdoor shoot, but as we all know, getting the entire family ready for an outing can be difficult. It is much easier to bring the family to a studio than have them trek to an outdoor location. This is especially true if you have small children, handicapped individuals or elderly grandparents as part of the shoot. Not to mention the higher likelihood of available bathrooms, and other conveniences.

family photography in las vegas

• Various backgrounds

When choosing an outdoor backdrop, you may think you have found the most beautiful location, until you are there for the shoot. You do not take into consideration the lighting, and other aspects when choosing the location. A professional photographer will be able to discuss with you prior to your shoot, the type and color of background that will work for you. Everything can be taken into consideration. Your family’s skin tone, the color of the room where the picture will hang, the outfits your family plans on wearing. All of that can be discussed and the perfect backdrop for an in-studio shoot can be chosen beforehand.

• Fewer distractions

When trying to pull the whole family together for a photo, it can be difficult. So having less distractions available will make the shoot run smoother. When outdoors, children may be distracted by things going on around them. Short attention spans and photo shoots do not really work well together. This is why indoor shoots can be more beneficial. There are fewer distractions around. A local Las Vegas studio family photography session has a sense of formality to it that will help bring out the best family portraits.

These are a few things to consider when choosing a photography location for some great family photos. Call Marie Grantham Photography at (702) 336-1609.


Want to learn more about children photography in Las Vegas? Here’s a little tidbit about that. Seeing a photographer walking along the maternity halls with a camera in their hand might cause mixed reactions to first-time mothers. Some fake a smile while others grin openly.

Interestingly, when asked to have their newborn photographed, they get stuck in a maze not knowing what to say. Handing them an album with their archived family photographs or letting them have a look at baby pictures in their camera might influence their answer. With a smile, the photographer gives them an option of taking maternity shots of both mom and child, newborn photos at different times in their life and the baby pictures as they grow up.

Amateur vs Professional Children Photography

What is the difference between a professional and an amateur baby photographer?

baby photographerDo you want to feel the texture of your kid’s skin five years after their birth? What of hearing their laughter reverberate in your ears? I guess recalling an entire childhood from a single photo is what you need. Consider having a professional whose training and expertise will tag the emotions to your children’s pictures. As a matter of fact, they capture moments that engage your senses so only you can relate to the hidden mood and feelings others cannot see.

Apart from taking the shots, framing plays a crucial role in wrapping up the photo shoot. A pro will delicately expose your child to fit in a frame of any size. The professional child photographer’s choice of color and shape of the frame is done with great care. On the other hand, when it comes to amateurs, taking a few simple shots and asking for payment is what they do best. A professional or amateur? Your choice.

Why Child Photography is Worth the Small Investment

Are these photographs worth investing in? Surprisingly, some parenting journals argue that a record book is enough to document your baby’s first years. I tend to disagree with them. Below are two key reasons why you should choose photographs instead of a simple boring diary.

1. Photo albums record the best memories

Unlike record books that document memories, a photo album gives you a chance to visually travel back in time. First two years of parenthood are the toughest since they require a parent’s presence to successfully bond with the infant. It is action packed and kids tend to be so active and robust in doing anything their mind perceives worth their energy. Scooting, crawling and learning how to step are among those actions. With photos, you can vividly remember every detail of the memory captured.

2. Mastering the element of surprise

cat in the hat kids costume

When it comes to babies, surprise is not hiding behind the door and popping like batman in front of them. Nor is it bringing them a rose hoping for a peck at some pollen. It is the ability to catch them unaware while they are doing a unique thing. To exclude any chances of them pausing, you need to create a bond that gives them a sense of security around you. Such unique things include getting messy and playful or singing their favorite songs.

A lot has been said about children photography but little light is shed on how it’s done.

  • Pro photographers have mastered the art of timing.
  • Getting down on the ground for different angles is quite common.
  • A good children photographer will easily get your kids chatting about something they adore such as cartoon heroes or their closest friend. This usually brings out the setting for great pictures.

Wondering how we photographers incorporate the above tips into a flowing list of events?

It’s easy.

Timing implies that we watch your child keenly and learn when they are fully concentrating on something then taking a shot at the perfect moment.

Wait, getting down is not dancing. It is kneeling and lying to the ground and being at the same level with your baby then take another shot.

We sometimes ask them about their best friend, actors or food then take a shot when they least expect. Lastly we take many shots so that after sampling, you pick the best pictures.

Narrating events from your mind or reading a record book is never enough. Gracing your walls and fireplace mantles with pictures of your favorite singers and actors is not really fulfilling either. What you need is a gratifying experience and that can be achieved only through amazing photographs of your baby and kids from day one to present.

Contact Marie Grantham Photography in Las Vegas for your next children photography session. Call me at (702) 336-1609.


Family photography is a great option to capture memories. To some, visiting towns where they grew up is a must-do if intending to reminisce memories. Why is this so? It gives us all a sense of joy remembering the good times of old, our old schools, or even the places where we explored as a child.  This thirst for memories is felt by people when we want to retrace our roots. What if there are no preserved family memories for them to reconnect with their ancestry? Sad as it may sound, we sometimes lose memories unless we have something to see to help remind us. To save you and others from future empty memories, I constructed three methods of preserving such them. 

Family photography

Need I say that online tutorials for do-it-yourself has led many astray? Before you get lost too, think of why professional photographers exist. A professional family photographer has the skill and expertise to capture every moment, tying real feelings to each picture. That’s the point. To get the best looking photos, arrange to hire a professional for your photo shoot. Making arrangements to meet with a photographer is really simple. Here are a few considerations.

family photography las vegas

  1. Communicate every detail

A professional family photographer will ask you a few questions about who will be attending, how many, and you may be asked if you have any special requests.

  1. Choose a suitable location

Discuss with your family various spots that are among their favorites. Once you agree on the perfect location for your family photography session, discuss its features such as lighting and background. There are many beautiful places to think about in Las Vegas such as Red Rock Canyon, Lake Meade, or even your own home. Marie Grantham Photography also has a photography studio we can utilize for custom backdrops.

  1. Dressing for the occasion

Arranging to wear clothing that are not only fitting but also natural as you normally wear on a daily routine is advised. Ask  your photographer for tips when thinking of colors to wear. 

Family video

Living in the 21st century means getting absorbed in technological advancements. Such advancements include use of gadgets with the ability to record.  Surprisingly, you will notice that most of our elderly family members prefer talking about their experiences, not writing about it. A notebook will definitely put them off when asked to write about themselves. By getting them responding to questions about their past, you will have a rich family memory that dates back to even 70 years, and you’ll have it all on video and photographs at the same time.

  1. Using a simple video device

Smartphones are being launched that can capture clear videos with clarity of voice. Since they are hand-held, they can be easily used to record family discussions during meal time or even family fun time. You have a choice whether or not to be the story teller though behind the camera. By this I mean you can give a brief bio of the people being video recorded.

family photographer las vegas

  1. Involving a professional photographer

Having the necessary requirements for this task, a pro will tag along and snap professional photographs of you and your family while you’re going through your family history session. The best photos are taken using professional equipment that you most cannot afford nor have access to. Such equipment includes cameras and special lighting. 

Documenting family memories in record books

Technology will never fully eliminate tangible books and prints. Have you ever wondered how people travel across the world to have a look at archived books and documents? Why then don’t you want your family memories to stack up in your own archive collection? Get a pen and diary then start putting your family history in words. However, one thing you must do is be a good writer with the skills to clearly explain issues. Nobody likes the feeling of hanging on to some story just because small information is missing.

Family trees are the first to be documented. Research about family ancestors both from your mother and father’s side. Once that is done, cover old stories of relatives with a unique story. They can be your uncle or legendary grandparent. Mention things such as secret recipes or how life was like when they were kids. Family memories are not worth writing if a relative’s signature dish is lacking in the diary. Where information is beyond your reach, consult another relative to help you out. 

Family bonds are strengthened when a common activity is introduced. The strength is optimal when this activity involves collection and preservation of family memories in a bid to provide other relatives with a reference book, history video or informative photographs.  Memories will always remain a priceless commodity that neither money nor treasure can buy.

Get your family charged up and prepare to preserve each memory with Marie Grantham Photography. Marie is a professional Las Vegas family photographer, you can contact her at (702) 336-1609.