Baby Photographers

Baby Photographers

With so many baby photographers in the Las Vegas Valley I am always trying to stand apart from the rest! I thought for a long time what I could do differently, Something to give back.  I truly love what I do and wanted to use it in a way to help people! Thats when I came across a non-profit organization called Tiny Sparrow Foundation. This Organization helps capture memories for families of children with life threatening illnesses. So of course I applied to become and official photographer for them. After several weeks waiting to hear back. I was so honored when I received a notification that I am now an official Tiny Sparrow Foundation photographer. This is something I have been talking about doing for a long time and never could get it going. I truly feel that in life you get what you give and I am just so very honored to have the opportunity to photograph these special memories for families that are facing such a difficult time. My hope is that more family photographers out there will step up and do the same thing. This is something truly special.

*The little girl pictured below is no relation to Tiny Sparrow foundation, just an adorable newborn baby I had the privilege of photographing 🙂

From Mommy and Daddy: RinLey was born on August 17, 2015 was a 5 lbs and 6 ounces measuring 19.5 inches long. Although she was born a preemie at 34 gestational weeks, she was born healthy and strong! Her big sister already loves her so much. She loves to read to her new baby sister, tickle Rin’s cheeks, and sing her baby lullabies to sleep. We are so excited to have welcomed RinLey into our family we now truly feel complete!


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