8 Tips To Taking Better Photos At Home

Hi, I’m Marie Grantham and i’m a local Las Vegas Family, Maternity, and Newborn Photographer. This article will guide you with some of my tips when you want to take your own casual photos at home. Let us simplify and clear a huge misconception in shooting a “fantastic” home photo. A picture that is perfect doesn’t have to be an award winning photograph especially if you’re simply taking random photos of your kids and family at home. Here are a few simple techniques you can use that can improve your chances of producing a great looking photograph.

8 Tips To Taking Better Photos At Home

1. Clean the Lens

For starters, be sure to clean your camera lens. Many complain that their photo is unclear and blurry. Clean it up with a soft lens cleaning cloth. You can find the cloth and cleaning solutions at your local Las Vegas camera retail stores.

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2. Be Creative in Your Picture-Taking Stance

Bring yourself to the level of the picture object when shooting a picture. Suppose you want to take a picture of your cat. It’s just too adorable to pass up, so you have to take the snapshot. Get Down! Bring the camera to the level of the cat. This helps you capture every detail in its entirety. You may not know it, but this can make a huge difference.

3. Background Selection

When shooting a photo of your newborn baby and you want to highlight him/her, ensure that you make use of a simple clean background. It reveals every aspect of the shot and makes every feature of your baby more noticeable. The more simple the background, the better the result.

4. Use Your Surroundings

Sometimes taking a photo is not always about the object. What about the background, for example, the landscape, people nearby and the sceneries? Be creative and daring, express the story supporting the character in the image. Put them in the corner and engage the environment and other surroundings in your picture.

5. Get Up Close and Personal

A lot of cameras and smart phones have zooming controls, but regardless of what type of equipment you use, try and get close to your picture object. The nearer you get to the object, the more details you’re able to capture.

pregnancy pictures6. Be Quick

Try to be prepared and fast at all times. When there is a particular moment you want to capture, you don’t want to lose it by not being fast enough. When you’re taking pictures of your pregnant spouse or relative and the wind blows the hair or dress in an angelic way, you don’t want to miss that. You also don’t want to miss that memorable opportunity when your baby walks for the first time. Act quickly and snap away.

7. Importance of Lighting

Observe your lighting. They play an essential part in every image. The contour and details of an item can change when the light isn’t adjusted correctly. Make sure you have proper lighting when you’re ready to take photos.

8. Be daring

Be distinct and brave. There is absolutely no rules in taking a picture. You’re the artist. Bring out the daring love within you and highlight it with every image.

The art of photography is within every person who wants it. The base of photography is ingenuity and innovation. You can be a great home photographer by following some of my tips listed above. When you want professional-grade photographs, leave that to the pros, but when you’re taking daily simple photos, these tips can help tremendously.

Snap away and have fun!

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