Las Vegas Vintage Themed Photos

Las Vegas Vintage themed photos

Evan’s 7 Month old Las Vegas vintage themed baby portrait shoot has become one of my favorites of all time! Normally once I get them uploaded and start the editing process I get so excited about seeing the final product of my photographs. With this Las Vegas vintage themed photos shoot I was beaming from the moment I looked at the screen of my camera! These photos are just timeless! The vintage pageboy hat, matching suspenders, baby knickers, and best of all a Coca-Cola! It just really never goes out of style!

Evan couldn’t have been more perfect, when I sat him down on the set by the bottles he immediately picked one up to take a drink! I swear he was secretly asking mommy to enter him in a Coca-Cola commercial contest haha!
Thanks Kathy for giving me the leeway to design this custom shoot for you and Evan! The outfit from Four Tiny Cousins took a little longer than expected due to customization issue but it was well worth the wait! Thanks Brianne over at Four Tiny Cousins for this beautiful outfit and attention to detail all your products are amazing!