7 Creative Things to Do With Your Baby Photos

  1. Baby Photos on Hand-Stretched Canvas

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to have your favorite newborn photos showcased into a magnificent photo art display? You can do that by printing your newborn images onto a hand stretched canvas to give it an artistic and finished appearance to your most precious baby photos. Get the canvas from a craft store.

Personalizing your baby photos is really easy

  1. Personalized Postage Stamps

family newborn portraits

Transform one of your cutest baby photographs into a custom postage stamp. It’s simple to do, upload a photo to one of the many online apps available on the USPS website and edit it just the way you want. Every stamp you create will be a real valid postage stamp. Just an idea, they can be used on your thank-you cards, holiday card envelopes, or as a creative party invite. Adding your personal touch to your mail pieces is really exciting and fun to try.

  1. Custom Thank You Card

Feature your baby on the cover of your custom thank you card or note. Your friends will love the personal touch. Everyone will now have a photo memento from your special occasions.

We even have ideas for digital baby photos

  1. Create a DVD Slideshow

Another fun idea is to create a DVD slideshow showcasing photos and videos of your time during pregnancy and your baby’s first few months. You can add some of your favorite music to your new production. This is a wonderful way to create memories of your baby’s life and growth.

  1. Online Scrapbook

baby photographer

A scrapbook is like telling a story with images. Tell the story of your baby’s timeline and publish it as an online scrapbook. You can include photographs from your time leading up to your baby being born and after. Include your baby shower photos and document the times you went out shopping for the crib and baby clothes. Your scrap-book is easy to share because it’s online and easily accessible to anyone with the link. One of my favorite places to share photos like these are Pinterest.

  1. Digital Photo Book

These digital photo-books are becoming more and more popular. They are basically the same as your typical photo album but this one is in digital format on a device similar to an I Pad or Kindle tablet. For those of you looking for new and modern ways to display your photos, this is it. You can even buy canvas or suede leather covers for the photo book. Most of them have a really cool feature where you can showcase it on a table. There is even an option that will rotate images like a carousel. I’ve seen these photo-books at BestBuy and various craft stores.

  1. Baby Caricature

A baby caricature is the cartoon version of your baby. The image is drawn by a professional artist. You can usually find these artists at fairs and malls.

These are fun ways to create wonderful memories with you and your newborn baby. You will already have many of these photos in a digital format after you have hired a maternity and newborn photographer. Marie Grantham Photography can get you started on your journey during pregnancy and after documenting the stages.

Babies grow fast, be sure to get your professional newborn photos right after he/she is born. Marie is a local Henderson and Las Vegas photographer, call 702-336-1609 to schedule your professional maternity and newborn baby photo shoot.