3 Ways to Preserve Memories with Family Photography

Family photography is a great option to capture memories. To some, visiting towns where they grew up is a must-do if intending to reminisce memories. Why is this so? It gives us all a sense of joy remembering the good times of old, our old schools, or even the places where we explored as a child.  This thirst for memories is felt by people when we want to retrace our roots. What if there are no preserved family memories for them to reconnect with their ancestry? Sad as it may sound, we sometimes lose memories unless we have something to see to help remind us. To save you and others from future empty memories, I constructed three methods of preserving such them. 

Family photography

Need I say that online tutorials for do-it-yourself has led many astray? Before you get lost too, think of why professional photographers exist. A professional family photographer has the skill and expertise to capture every moment, tying real feelings to each picture. That’s the point. To get the best looking photos, arrange to hire a professional for your photo shoot. Making arrangements to meet with a photographer is really simple. Here are a few considerations.

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  1. Communicate every detail

A professional family photographer will ask you a few questions about who will be attending, how many, and you may be asked if you have any special requests.

  1. Choose a suitable location

Discuss with your family various spots that are among their favorites. Once you agree on the perfect location for your family photography session, discuss its features such as lighting and background. There are many beautiful places to think about in Las Vegas such as Red Rock Canyon, Lake Meade, or even your own home. Marie Grantham Photography also has a photography studio we can utilize for custom backdrops.

  1. Dressing for the occasion

Arranging to wear clothing that are not only fitting but also natural as you normally wear on a daily routine is advised. Ask  your photographer for tips when thinking of colors to wear. 

Family video

Living in the 21st century means getting absorbed in technological advancements. Such advancements include use of gadgets with the ability to record.  Surprisingly, you will notice that most of our elderly family members prefer talking about their experiences, not writing about it. A notebook will definitely put them off when asked to write about themselves. By getting them responding to questions about their past, you will have a rich family memory that dates back to even 70 years, and you’ll have it all on video and photographs at the same time.

  1. Using a simple video device

Smartphones are being launched that can capture clear videos with clarity of voice. Since they are hand-held, they can be easily used to record family discussions during meal time or even family fun time. You have a choice whether or not to be the story teller though behind the camera. By this I mean you can give a brief bio of the people being video recorded.

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  1. Involving a professional photographer

Having the necessary requirements for this task, a pro will tag along and snap professional photographs of you and your family while you’re going through your family history session. The best photos are taken using professional equipment that you most cannot afford nor have access to. Such equipment includes cameras and special lighting. 

Documenting family memories in record books

Technology will never fully eliminate tangible books and prints. Have you ever wondered how people travel across the world to have a look at archived books and documents? Why then don’t you want your family memories to stack up in your own archive collection? Get a pen and diary then start putting your family history in words. However, one thing you must do is be a good writer with the skills to clearly explain issues. Nobody likes the feeling of hanging on to some story just because small information is missing.

Family trees are the first to be documented. Research about family ancestors both from your mother and father’s side. Once that is done, cover old stories of relatives with a unique story. They can be your uncle or legendary grandparent. Mention things such as secret recipes or how life was like when they were kids. Family memories are not worth writing if a relative’s signature dish is lacking in the diary. Where information is beyond your reach, consult another relative to help you out. 

Family bonds are strengthened when a common activity is introduced. The strength is optimal when this activity involves collection and preservation of family memories in a bid to provide other relatives with a reference book, history video or informative photographs.  Memories will always remain a priceless commodity that neither money nor treasure can buy.

Get your family charged up and prepare to preserve each memory with Marie Grantham Photography. Marie is a professional Las Vegas family photographer, you can contact her at (702) 336-1609.