In Korea the first 100 days of a newborns life are a very special time for baby and parents! Many Koreans still celebrate this tradition, it is the time that increases the newborns potential on earth! Historically, newborn survival rates before the first 100 days where very minimal…the rates would drastically increase after the first 100 days! Therefor, through out history and still going on today many Koreans are still celebrating this very special milestone for their little one!
The main part of the 100 days tradition celebration is praying to the gods. These are the same gods that have†protected them while they where in the womb, during childbirth, and during the first few days. Traditionally there is a†makeshift shrine made in the home where in front they place their offerings (usually rice and soup) to the gods ‘Samsin Halmeoni’.
I am so honored to be a part of this beautiful tradition, to celebrate the life of new soul†beginning to take its place on this great earth! Happy 100 days little one…to so many more!!